About us

At DevNest, we combine our expertise in software
development with our passion for digital projects.

We started this journey in 2019.
Ever since, we have offered our clients and team unique opportunities for growth, exploration, and success.
We deliver twenty-first-century know-how while being human and empathic in all our experiences.

A human
approach to tech

A vibrant
operating system

At DevNest, we believe that innovation belongs to the people. We recognize the unique qualities that make every one of them one-of-a-kind. We value different backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions as they unlock our team’s full potential – to build and deliver honest and incremental value to our clients and their digital projects.


Versatility is our middle name.
We created a flexible work environment where everyone is trusted to do their best.
Strategic thinking, creativity, and a good dose of humor are the core of our colleagues’ personal and professional success.

Building trust

Respect and transparency are part of our working mantra. As long-term relationships define us, we strive to build honest and authentic conversations with our partners and clients.

Celebrating life

We’re proactive when it comes to work-life balance. Even though we take our jobs seriously, we only do that with some things. Coffee laughs in the mornings, lots and lots of get-togethers, teambuilding, annual parties, and special celebrations are in the mix.

Driving success

We’re working with a complex, worldwide client portfolio across multiple industries. Our eclectic and well-niched solution stack allows us to deliver complex IT solutions successfully.

digital businesses

We focus not just on code quality, but on the long-term life value of the products we build and their impact on our client’s businesses.

Our Agile, solution-focused approach, together with a full-cycle software development, guarantee robust and highly scalable products.

Oliver Fries

All Key-Systems developers that worked closely with DevNest team were amazed on how fast they learn and understand our tools and processes (and they enjoyed working with them). Because DevNest team managed to deliver on time their previous tickets/milestones, we can hand over tickets (and/or parts of the system) without worrying if they would be able to deliver.

We also appreciate their ability to ramp-up a team in a timely fashioned manner, whenever we have a spike in delivery, they are happy to help. At management level we always found fairness and a get things done attitude.

Oliver Fries – CEO, Key-Systems

What guides us


We always put them first.


We take full ownership of our actions.


We’re a team. We plan, work and succeed as one.


We do it right, right from the start.


We see the project through, no matter the challenges.